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The American Cocoa Research Institute (ACRI) is a non-profit 501(c)6 organization that was founded in 1947. It is the research arm of the Chocolate Manufacturers Association of America (CMA) and is devoted to research in all scientific areas related to cocoa and chocolate.

ACRI Members include some of the world's largest chocolate manufacturers |Members|. ACRI's research network is global and has contacts in most cacao producing countries. Currently, ACRI sponsors cacao research in a number of growing countries including Brazil, Costa Rica, Ghana, Trinidad, Malaysia, Cote d'Ivoire and Indonesia.

In addition to Dr. Fred Shank, Senior Vice President, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, Dr. Carol Knight, Vice President, International Cocoa Research and Myrna Parker Morris, Executive Assistant, ACRI has an agronomic cacao expert, B.K. Matlick on its team, as well as access to key industry cacao experts in its member companies | ACRI Offices |. These experts have technical skills in virtually all of the scientific areas related to cacao growing and chocolate processing.

ACRI is composed of Three Working Groups (WG) that are linked together under an overall Scientific Committee:


The Scientific Committee has the task of improving technical knowledge in scientific areas related to cocoa, including biotechnology, cacao agronomic research, cocoa processing, health, nutrition, and safety.

Recently, a new program on "Sustainable Cocoa Growing" has been developed to help assure a future sustainable supply of cocoa for the industry.
| Sustainable Cocoa Program | This program advocates an integrated approach to cacao growing, and encompasses five key areas:
  1. Agro-ecology
  2. Smallholder economics
  3. | Pests and diseases |
  4. Cacao breeding
  5. New growing regions / countries.
The program plans to catalyze action in these areas by working in partnership with international funding agencies, government bodies, and research institutes with common / shared goals.

Mission Statement of the ACRI Scientific Committee:

ACRI's mission is to:
Managing ACRI's scientific activities is the responsibility of the ACRI Scientific Committee and its three Working Groups on Biotechnology, Health and Science and Sustainable Cocoa Supply.
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