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Mission Statement:

To assure a sustainable and geographically diverse supply of quality cocoa with emphasis on economic, social and environmental factors.

Program Areas:


ACRI encourages cocoa growing practices that are friendly to the environment. To develop awareness and promote practical changes, working relationships have been established with environmental groups including Conservation International. Maximizing biodiversity and the sustainability of tropical ecosystems is a key goal.

New Plantings

A goal of ACRI is to identify new and/or dormant regions with a tradition of smallholder agricultuer and begin to introduce or increase cocoa production. The ultimate aim is to reach commercial levels of production within 10 years.

Smallholder Economics

An important focus of ACRI is to improve cocoa smallholder income by providing low cost technology transfer that will include improving yield, quality, collection, marketing and credit.Team Inspecting Cocoa Pods in Indonesia

Integrated Crop Management

A major focus has been the implementation of ICM techniques in cocoa-growing countries. These programs are aimed at developing biological and other methods to control pests and diseases while minimizing pesticide use.

ACRI is developing an integrated ICM program plan that identifies the issues affecting the industry and outlines research and educational approaches to deal with them [ICM chart]. Additionally, research is underway to control several pests, including the cocoa pod borer, capsids and moths.

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Walking through a small Cocoa grove in VietnamExtensive research has resulted in superior hybrids that are now grown throughout the cocoa-growing regions. Also, high-yielding clones have been successfully developed and grafted onto rootstock. Resistance to infection by the fungus that causes Witches' Broom disease has been demonstrated, and new resistant cacao varieties are being developed. Extensive research continues to develop varieties resistant to other diseases, including monilia and black pod. Biotechnology reasearch continues to identify modern techniques to produce improved cocoa plants.


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